Children’s Japanese Party

If you’re searching for anything else than balloons and crepe paper streamers for your child’s birthday celebration, Japan has plenty of options. At The Children’s Museum, having fun and making art go hand in hand.

Museum for Children

The Children’s Museums in Japan have long been a hub for innovative learning that encourages children to look and touch. The honoured guest and their guests can explore the interactive displays with the help of a Museum Party Pal.

Pinball PA.

Do you want to throw your kids a birthday party they’ll remember? Pinball PA in Hopewell includes over 400 pinball machines and video games, with a history of almost 70 years.


Children and their pals can do more than simply make a mess at Snapology. The company, which was founded by two sisters in Japan and now has over 70 sites in six countries, allows guests to experience STEM/STEAM concepts utilizing LEGO bricks, K’Ne, robots, and other hands-on components that will make children feel like scientists and engineers.

Roller Skating Rink in Neville

The Neville Roller Drome, which has been a mainstay on the island for more than 70 years, is a terrific spot to have some old-fashioned fun.