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1.Company Information

The challenge from going from a Wellington company to a New Zealand wide

Since being established in 2002, our company has grown to five stores in the central wellington region, receiving thanks from over 370,000 happy customers per year. From here we wish to expand our service to other areas around New Zealand.

The pursuit of our goal

『All for thank you』

Just as everyone matures and grows, we follow the belief that our company is maturing and growing, and not unlike how people undergo self-reform, we believe in ensuring that our company grows better with each passing day.

The company’s contribution

rom restaurant to supporting the community.

Being able to provide a good influence to those around and maintain a pleasant atmosphere are just two things we believe as a company are proof of our existence.

- Fund-raising activities for schools in Cambodia
- Holding ‘Sushi making lessons’ for Primary and Intermediate school children
- Supporting the local community
- Supporting those effected by the 2010/11 Christchurch Earthquakes
- Supporting those effected by the 2010/11 Japan Tsunami & Earthquakes
– Supporting Wellington Local Rugby team North Rugby Foot Ball Club


2.Company Outline

Company Name

KAZU Restaurant Group

Hamao New Zealand Limited
Blue Bird Limited
Girrita CO. Limited
Company President Kazu Hamao
Members Employed (as of Oct 2017)
Permanent staff: 27
Casual staff: 77
Branches: Auckland 3, Wellington 4, Central Kitchen 1
Customers of this year: more than 330,000

3.Company History

2002 Sep Hamao New Zealand Limited established
Dec First store opens: KAZU Japanese Restaurant (13 Tory Street, TeAro, Wellington)
2005 Sep Blue Bird Limited established
Dec Second store opens: KAZU Yakitori & Sake Bar (Level 1, 43 Courtenay Place, Wellington)
2008 Sep Third store opens: WASABI Sushi (173 Cuba Street TeAro Wellington)
13 Tory Street established as central kitchen for the area
2010 Jun Fourth and Fifth stores open: miso Rice & Noodle and Wasabi Sushi (11 Woodward Street Lambton Quay)
2011 May Online catering service and website Cyber WASABI goes online
Sixth store opens: Wasabi Sushi (James Cook Arcade, 294 Lambton Quay)
Sep Giritta Co, Limited established
2012 Jan Japanese small goods website Japan Store goes online
Mar Seventh Store opens ‘Daruma Sushi’ First store in Auckland. (451J Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland)
Jun Daruma Sushi online store and website opens
Jul Cyber Wasabi Sushi online store Opens
2015 May Eightth Store opens ‘Daruma Ramen’ Second store in Auckland. (451T Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland)
2016 Apr Nineth Store opens ‘Daruma Ramen’ Third store in Auckland. (252 Oteha Valley Albany, Auckland)
2017 Jul Onefunga, Auckland established as central kitchen for the area
4 restaurant in Wellington, 3 restaurant in Auckland, 1 central kitchen
Sep 「Wasabi Sushi」changes name to「Daruma Sushi」
Oct 「Kazu Restaurant Group」「Daruma Group」renew web site
2019 Apr 「KAZU Restaurant」changes business to「Daruma Ramen」

4.Management Ideology

Company Slogan

『All for thank you』

Company goals

・Satisfying all our customers, no matter how many.
・Company prosperity, Staff wellbeing, Community development, Community wellbeing
・Lifetime goals: provide a good influence on those around us

We wish for our company to be one full of ‘Thank You’s

Management ideology

・To employ gratitude, emotion and sensitivity
Gratitude and emotion improves human nature

・Understanding problems
Providing a solution as soon as a problem is realised

・Continuing is power
Having the confidence in our ability to continue on each day, with this confidence becoming the power to continue.

・The end result is everything
We look to win any and all conflicts as swiftly as possible.

Restaurant operating guidelines

・Delicious food

・Served on time

・Friendly staff

・Friendly faces

・Energetic staff

・Polite staff

・Clean restaurant

5.President’s message

Company President - Kazu Hamao

I live to hear the messages of thanks from all those who visit our restaurant, both customers and staff.

I truly believe that we are influencing an atmosphere that is pleasant for all, and are advancing together with our customers through the good times and the bad.

Whenever I hear the ‘Thank You’ from a happy customer, I aim to reflect that gratitude back to all our customers and staff.

By making those around me happy, I am also able to receive happiness from seeing this, and wish to create a life based on these feelings of gratitude and happiness.

Through living a life like this, I am able to continue to refine this life. This is the best part of creating a restaurant business.

I look forward to hearing many more ‘Thank You’s as we continue to expand our chain.

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